FAS info

FAS XX - two decades in the expanded field.

Fiber Art Sweden (FAS), is a network of artists working with textile means, methods and practices. Since its foundation in 1998, FAS has promoted discussion and exchange of ideas, in the textile interests field. In 2018, we will pay attention to this, with a series of events characterized by the FAS nomadic stance to continually and consistently seek out new places and contexts.

In the inland of the county of Västerbotten in Sweden, a green workers shed will be a place for meetings, discussions and creative processes. In a church in Stockholm, artists are invited to explore the church hall´s historical, cultural, architectural and religious matters. At a barn in a village in the county of Dalarna, a group of artists builds a scenography of weaving tools - a music video is being recorded ..... Follow us during the year! >>

The extended textile field is characterized by an infinite range of possibilities and options, in which FAS uses a nomadic and mobile strategy. FAS actively has searched for new and unknown spaces and situations, looking for new positions and collaborations.The website www.fiberartsweden.nu is the virtual exhibition space and showroom for the network, and functions as it´s only stable location. Here members show their work, and the site also functions as a channel for information both within the network and outwards. There is an archive over exhibitions, seminars, discussions and other activities where members have initiated or participated in.

The spring 2024 FAS has 32 members, most of them working in Stockholm.

The board consists of:
Chairman: Anna Lindkvist Adolfsson
Board: Margareta Danhard, Maria Hägglund, Elizabet Christiansson, Monika Pettersson.
Professional artists may apply for membership. More information: INFO - FASmedlemskap